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From Bitcoin to ZCash and everything in-between

We understand that wrapping your head around the intricacies of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency can be a daunting task, which is why we have curated a collection of resources and common terms.

At Hedgehog we believe crypto is not just a technology, but a movement that can help individuals take control of their financial future, along with globally democratizing money and returning the power to the people. From absolute beginner to expert trader, you're sure to find something helpful here.

Bitcoin explained
The Guardian | 3 min
Bitcoin & Blockchain
Plainly Simple | 5 min
Banking on Bitcoin
Documentary | 1 hr, 20 min
Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble
Documentary | 30 min
Blockchain vs. Bullshit
Andreas Antonopoulos | 30 min
Why Bitcoin Crashed
Andreas Antonopoulos | 15 min
What is...

A long time ago, on a hardware wallet far, far away...

Don't know where to go to get your first cryptocurrency? You'll need a wallet to store your coins and an exchange from which to buy them. Wallets can create addresses for you, sort of like a bank account number. People can use your public address to send you crypto.

People sell cryptocurrencies for cash on exchanges. The exchange will create a wallet for you when you buy the coin, but it's still a good idea to store your crypto in your own wallet instead of theirs.

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Satoshi's secret sauce

The secret sauce behind the crypto revolution, blockchain is the technology that makes it possible to decentralize and publicize data over a large network of computers through a shared digital ledger.

This approach makes hacking or gaming the network very difficult, and has immense potential to be cheaper and more efficient than traditional methods of data storage.

Centre of Int'l Governance | 6 min
Bitcoin & Blockchain
Plainly Simple | 5 min
Blockchain & The Economy
Bettina Warburg (TED) | 15 min
Blockchain & Society
Ali Raza Dar (TEDx) | 15 min
Inside The Crypto Revolution
HBO | 14 min
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More resources. Much Crypto. Many Learns.

From databases to video games, the applications for blockchain technology is ever-expanding, and seemingly only constrained by our imagination. If you don't believe us, enjoy some videos starring a few decentralization evangelists and champions of crypto.

Decentralize Everything
Vitalik Buterin (Tech Crunch) | 25 min
Ethereum World Computer
Ethereum Foundation | 2 min
Interview with Erik Voorhees
Crypto Beadles | 41 min
IBM & Stellar
IBM | 5 min
Smart Contracts
Olga Mack (TEDx) | 18 min
Winklevoss Unchained
Unchained | 52 min