ETH Network

Ethereum is not just the second most popular cryptocurrency, but also an open platform for developers to create decentralized applications and even subsidiary digital assets. The Ethereum Stack allows you to invest in this flourishing ecosystem of innovative products.

Layer One

The Layer One Stack consists of established standalone blockchains. These cryptocurrencies are like the "blue chip" stocks of digital assets, with years of history and well-developed user ecosystems.


The DeFi Stack focuses on crypto protocols that provide financial products without requiring traditional middlemen. These exciting digital assets are evolving quickly at the cutting-edge of crypto, and thus the DeFi Stack is more speculative than others.


Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency and remains the most valuable, with a large and devoted ecosystem of users, developers, and Bitcoin-focused businesses. This single-asset Stack allows you to HODL Bitcoin within your Hedgehog portfolio.

Total Crypto

The Total Crypto Stack includes every digital asset available on the Hedgehog platform. Invest in the Total Crypto Stack for broad-based exposure across the crypto market.

Yield Farming

The Yield Farming Stack consists of digital assets that can be pledged to earn rewards through lending and staking programs. Invest in the Yield Farming Stack to gain exposure to the underlying cryptocurrencies that power this sector of DeFi (without being involved with lending or staking).