What we built

Investing in cryptocurrency is chaos.

We make it simple.

Hedgehog is a one-stop shop for all of your cryptocurrency needs:

Trade on almost any exchange,
Tracking all of your wallet balances,
Learning about the tech and industry

Manage your portfolio in one spot and invest like a pro, handling digital assets from bitcoin to the latest yield farming protocols and token bonding schema. With the Hedgehog app and financial engine, you can transact seamlessly across 130+ exchanges and track each of your wallets via easy dashboards.

Hedgehog takes the headache out of maintaining a diversified portfolio of coins at every stage of growth.

Back in 2017, founders Taylor and Colton were obsessed crypto enthusiasts who spent 30 hours per week anxiously cross-referencing their custom spreadsheets and hardware wallets. It was such a pain to stay up to date safely that they created a company to solve the problem.

Their shared experiences, first as college roommates and then as early employees at Acorns, equipped them well to design and build financial services as accessible as they are sophisticated.

Hedgehog replaces complexity with convenience, whether you're newly getting started or seeking to optimize your staking rewards more efficiently. Tired of jumping back and forth between crypto services looking for the best deal? We get it! Hedgehog fixes this.


of crypto investors
check prices everyday


of crypto investors
use 3 or more exchanges


crypto was
their first investment

the team
Taylor Culbertson
CEO & Co-founder
Acorns, Infinite Sum Ltd.
Colton Dillion
CTO & Co-founder
Acorns, Infinite Sum Ltd.
Jason Dillion
Chief Operating Officer
Panasonic, Hyliion
Peter Schreyer
Lead Front End Engineer
SAP, Weedmaps
Morgan Culbertson
Director of Trading
Hehmeyer, Hyliion
Allan Stevo
Kraken, Bitcoin Center NYC

the story

In early 2017, three of our Infinite Sum Ltd. clients broke their contracts and decided not to pay for completed work. Anyone who has ever sold their time knows that accounts recievable is the biggest issue, but to make an extended tragedy a brief travesty:

One was successfully sued by an ex-partner, one went bankrupt, and one was from Alabama, and decided that because we were in California, they simply didn't have to pay us.

That’s when we learned about Ethereum and digital smart contracts (which are basically just contracts, but programmed). Had we been able to use this technology, it would have saved us $25k and plenty of heartache. So we went all-in. We researched, invested, traded, and absorbed ourselves into the world of crypto.

From our time at Acorns, we knew one of the best ways to manage our investments was to design an index using Modern Portfolio Theory, and dollar-cost averaging. But there aren’t any tools that support that for cryptocurrencies, so we built our portfolios using spreadsheets and web-scrapers. If you ever consider using excel to rebalance your portfolio...just don’t.

Rebalancing became an insane undertaking, often taking a few days to manage and update all our wallets and ledgers, handle the ins and outs of public keys, and place our trades. With no real regulations and constantly changing tax-rules, simply managing a crypto portfolio was becoming a full-time job. So we decided to actually make it our full-time job, and Crypto Hedgehog was born.

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